4 points to consider with an access control system

You’ll know when the time is right to update your access control system but what steps do you take next? Obviously we have a range of access control at Mike B’s Security and will gladly advise you about the latest electronic access control solutions. To get you started here are some basic ideas you can think about before you choose new access control.

Size of system – How big is your organisation? This will determine how large the access control system has to be. Smaller companies or domestic dwellings might just want access control on the front door of the building, larger organisations could require total control over various doors throughout the company.

What it needs to do – Try to establish what you want from the access control system. Sure, you want it to restrict entry at certain points within your building but try to determine exactly what you want from access control. Are you looking for point of entry control, would you like to restrict the movement of personnel into sensitive areas of the company, do your server rooms or record rooms need to be protected from prying eyes? Once you know what you want to access control to do you can scale up the size of the system, these two points work hand-in-hand.

Type of system – Next determine the type of access control you require. This could be intercom systems, electronic access systems or PC based access systems. Go through all the various options with your access control supplier, find a solution that works for you and works for your business as well.

Who’s going to install it? Finally, make sure you choose an efficient, reliable and professional installer of access control systems. Take our service for example. The access control department at Mike B’s Security is vastly experienced in this field and we can provide a cost-effective, reliable solution tailored to your needs.