Access Control

New Product! libra

Introding the Libra Euro Cylinder from Iseo, a new and innovative electronic access control system.

The Libra cylinder can be used on any door new or old in conjunction with any lockcase with a Euro Cylinder hole.

Programmed by an app available for smart phones or tablets over a secure Bluetooth connection, Libra is the ideal access control solution for commercial, industrial and residential properties as well as schools, universities, hospitals and even private homes. Libra is battery operated and doesn’t require any wiring whatsoever providing flexibility and a quick low cost installation solution.

See the leaflet here: Libra Leaflet or visit for more information.

Electronic Access Control is quickly becoming a standard requirement for our modern homes and business’. If you want to see who’s at your door, protect your equipment or monitor access throughout your building, then our access control department can provide a cost-effective, reliable solution tailored to your needs.

access1Intercom Systems
Our Engineers can repair and install all commonly used makes of Audio and Video Entry System. Both Commercial and Domestic Systems are available, specified, supplied and fitted.

access2Electronic Access Systems
The electronic security department at Mike B’s is expert at providing electronic locking solutions to suit the requirements of our clients. Whether it’s to control the flow of people, or prevent the inconvenience of changing locks and issuing new keys when staff leave or keys are lost, we can help.



PC Based Access Systems

Our Electronic Department is also able to provide Computer Controlled Access Systems to multiple doors across multiple sites. This means that commands given at the controlling PC are sent to each of the doors. A token can be barred from all of the doors instantly. Another benefit of this type of system is flexible control, allowing you to grant different permissions for individuals or groups of users. Reports may also be generated to see who went where and when. Many systems allow control of additional buildings via existing LAN/WAN. PC based systems are increasingly being used to control other services within buildings, for example intruder alarms, fire doors, lifts and lighting.