The Ultimate CCTV Buying Guide

Choosing the best type of home CCTV system can be tricky depending on your level of technical expertise. With so many systems on the market and countless products and specifications to read, you could be forgiven if you were quickly overwhelmed by the entire process.

To make sure you buy the right system for your requirements, here’s a quick guide provided for you by our expert team at Mike B’s security.

Work out your budget

You can easily spend more than you want to when you are shopping for a CCTV system. Think about what you need from your home security system and create a budget around this to save spending too much money.  If you simply want to safeguard the items kept inside your garage, a single IP camera could be just what you need. Then again, if you want to install multiple cameras around your property, shop around for good deals and ask domestic CCTV suppliers to make the installation as affordable as possible for you.

Are you shopping for indoor cameras or exterior CCTV systems?

Consider what type of system you want to install. Are you hoping to monitor movements inside your property, outside the home, or both? People choose CCTV systems and want them to perform for different reasons.  You could install an interior camera to monitor your baby’s sleep pattern at night or have an exterior camera monitoring the gates at your driveway looking for visitors or any signs of suspicious activity.

Is night-vision a priority?

Do you want the CCTV to record evidence at night? Depending on the specification of the CCTV camera it might not detect images in low light levels. If you really want to capture strong images during the hours of darkness invest in an IP camera with night-vision capabilities.

Where are the cameras going to go?

Camera position can be critical for home security systems. CCTV systems have a limit on what they can see, consider where you are going to place them around the exterior of your property and think of the field of view if you opt for a model that tilts, pans and zooms.

Is the resolution right?

The higher the resolution for CCTV cameras the better the picture quality will be. That doesn’t mean to say you have to invest in the highest quality camera if you simply want a surveillance system for your house. Something on the lower end of the budget could suit your purpose just as well. Consider how detailed you need the resolution to be. If you want to capture clear images of intruders’ faces or grab the details of vehicle number plates it might be worth investing in a slightly more expensive kit.

If you have absolutely no idea what type of CCTV system you require and need further advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mike B’s Specialist Security Centres.  You can call to speak to one of our advisors on 01455 891046 or 01788 562754 today.

Types of CCTV systems

Apart from alarms, CCTV is a proven method of protecting your home and property but how much do you actually know about closed circuit security? Not much is the usual answer but that doesn’t matter, buying guides are readily available to help you understand the different CCTV systems you can buy right now. Take this latest blog for example. It covers the basics of CCTV and tells you how each system works.

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