How Secure is Your Front Door?

Your front door is the portal to your property, effortlessly leading people into your house and welcoming them into your home. You can make this a feature entranceway to really impress your guests and create a stunning threshold for everyone to admire. Just be careful with door security. Front doors, in particular, can be potential weak spots for home security. Take a look to see how secure your door really is.

Door locks       

Fitting premium quality mortice locks and high security cylinder locks will certainly enhance the safety of your front door.  Replace standard cylinder locks with 3-star Kitemark standard versions, for example, and you will dramatically reduce the chances of the lock being ‘snapped’ or ‘bumped’ – common methods used by burglars to break into properties. By upgrading your front door locks you create stronger home defences and provide added protection against break-ins.

Door glass

Do you have a glazed panel in your front door? If so, is this standard single pane glazing which could be really easy to break?  If you do have a glazed panel and this is the single pane variety, consider replacing the glazing with either toughened glass or have laminated glass fitted instead.

Door hinges

This is one area of door security that is often overlooked by homeowners.  Check to see how secure your hinges are and use longer screws to firmly secure each hinge in place. If you want to protect the door hinges from attack, consider fitting door bolts which have the following advantages:

  • Added protection against attacks from burglars
  • Engage and disengage when door is opened and closed
  • Resistant to saws and any attempt to remove the door from its frame
  • Extremely useful for outward opening doors


If you are fitting a new letterbox to your front door consider how close this is to the door locks you have in place. Fit a letter plate too close to the locks and crooks could easily reach their hands through and potentially unlock the door from the inside, so care must be taken when you are installing a new letterbox. For added security, avoid fitting letterboxes on the bottom panel of the door and fit a cover plate on the inside of the door to prevent mail theft commonly associated with identity fraud.

Added security features

You can never be too careful when it comes to door security for your front door and any added security features you can install will further safeguard the property. Items like a spy hole or a door chain/bar will enhance the safety of your door and create added protection for the house.

If you need locks or hardware to improve the security of your front door, we have the perfect items for you here at Mike B’s Security Locksmiths.  We offer a 24 hour locksmith service throughout the Midlands and you can contact us to discuss any aspect of home security by calling 01455 891046.

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