Stay Protected From Peel and Steal Van Crime

There’s a new craze involving vans in the UK known quite simply as peel and steal. If you haven’t heard of this and you own and run a van for business, this blog might be worth a few moments of your time. Let us enlighten you as we explain what ‘peel and steal’ is, also known as ‘peek and seek’ in the media. Here we tell you all about the craze and recommend suggestions to keep your van safe.

What happens with Peel and Steal?

Peel and Steal is a simple but highly effective technique where criminals use brute force to peel the rear or side doors of vans away from the main bodywork. They grab the top of the door with their fingers, push their knees against it, and use their weight to pull the door down from the top. This only takes seconds and once completed it reveals the interior of the van and any contents left inside. It works even when the van is locked and many tradesmen have become victims.

What are criminals looking for?

In most instances, the simple answer to this is power tools. They are easy to grab and simple to sell making them ideal for criminals. Sadly, many vans have been damaged using this technique and the main target areas seem to be Wales, Yorkshire and the West Midlands. The manufacturers of vans are aware of this and say they are acting to improve their existing measures but for now, it’s a good idea to improve van security where possible.

How do you protect your van?

Simple things like taking your tools out of the van and leaving a sign on it saying that no tools are left in the van overnight can be something of a deterrent.  Think about where you leave the van too. Where possible, park with the rear doors as close to a wall as possible to hinder access, and under a street light or security lighting. Also, consider the existing alarm and the locks you have fitted to the light commercial. You can always update the locks with a Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM made specifically for rear or sliding side doors, found right here at Mike B’s Security Locksmiths Ltd.

Find out more about this and contact us if you need any additional information from our locksmith shops, covering the Midlands, Leicestershire and Coventry. You can call us if you prefer and speak to us in person on 01455 891046.

Vehicle security for delivery drivers

Vehicle security is one of our areas of expertise at Mike B’s security, if you need an auto locksmith in a hurry we’re the team to trust. We cut new keys and provide replacements for drivers of all types of vehicles and couriers or delivery drivers are some of our frequent customers. They do a sterling job but can be the target of thieves and criminals. Fear not though if you delivery packages for a living, try these suggestions and keep your vehicle and your packages nice and safe.

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