Do this if you need new door handles

A quick way to give your doors a new look is to swap the old handles for new items of furniture. Fresh door handles are simple but effective solutions and with plenty of designs available you have stacks of items to pick in the door furniture market.

We stock Heritage Brass Handles at Mike B’s Security. They’re made from the very finest materials and available in a wide range of designs to give you the maximum amount of choice.

Choosing replacement handles can often be confusing, let’s look at the basics though and this should clear any doubts from your mind.

Pick the period

How old is your home? Live in a new build house and traditional handles are going to look a little out of place. Try to be sympathetic to the style and period of your home. Live in a large Victorian terrace for example and tasteful traditional handles will suit the age of the property perfectly coordinating with the other features in the home.

Save modern handles for contemporary homes. You can beat brushed steel or polished chrome in this type of setting.

Think about the finish

What type of finish do you have on your doors? They could be painted white or left natural with a simple stain on the timber. Be honest here. Certain handles clash with door finishes so you have to be objective about what actually works.

Pick furniture that suits the style of finish. You’ll know if it looks good or bad.

Make sure they match

Don’t have different handles on different doors. Keep handles uniform if you have doors in close proximity to one another and create a seamless look throughout the home.

Buying handles is a big decision so look around and give yourself plenty of choice. Mike B’s Security isn’t a bad place to start.