How to give your front door a makeover in six simple steps

When was the last time you spared a thought for your front door? This is the main entrance to your home, it’s the portal to your property and a good looking door gives your home tons of kerb appeal. There are number of ways to improve the look of a door if it’s starting to look a little weathered, these tips will definitely help.

  1. Paint the door A fresh coat of paint will totally transform the door, strip it down, take the hardware off the door, sand it, prime it and cover it with a gleaming coat of gloss. Straight away the door will like new and you can start adding fresh features.
  2. Fit new handlesOnce the door is painted it’s the perfect time to add a new handles. Opt for brass or pewter handles for the traditional look or choose chrome, brushed steel or satin hardware for a trendy appearance.
  3. Install a new letterbox – Once you fit new handles the old letterbox will start to look its age so replace this at the same time. We have tons of different letterbox designs in stock at Mike B’s so you won’t be short on options.
  4. Change the locks – Yale locks are easy to replace, if your old brass lock looks a little tarnished or you prefer the look of chrome, fit a new lock and the door is really starting to take shape.
  5. Buy new numbersBrand new numbers will help to improve the appearance of the door as well, they simply screw straight into the wood and look good with the rest of the hardware.
  6. Add a knocker! If you have gone to this much trouble renovating your front door you might as well add the perfect finishing touch with a feature door knocker. Place it loud and proud in a prominent position, it’ll look great and you’ll always know when visitors are calling at your home.