3 tips to keep your home safe this Christmas

Christmas: a time of joy, celebration and the chance to spend quality time with your family. However, although it is a time of festivities, not everyone is spreading festive joy. Christmas sees some of the highest rates of burglaries as criminals know that you, potentially, have expensive gifts in your home. Christmas may be a time of giving and receiving gifts, just make sure they don’t accidentally end up in the wrong hands. We have come up with a few tips to keep your family, your home and your Christmas presents safe this festive season.

Don’t display

This may seem like obvious advise but it is not always taken. Ensure that any gifts you have bought, whether they are wrapped or unwrapped, are kept out of sight. Whether you have bought an Xbox One or a box of Lego thieves are willing to target any home if they are given the chance: make sure you don’t. If you have curtains or blinds make sure they are closed at all times while you have gifts in your home. If there is no way of obscuring the view into your living room make sure to hide any presents, or anything valuable, or keep them in another room.

Don’t show off

In other words, don’t boast about the new laptop you bought at the weekend for your son or daughter. Whether you’re at the supermarket, in work or in your back garden you never know who could be listening. Whether it’s someone who’s jealous of the presents you’ve bought, or someone simply looking to steal a laptop for themselves, make sure you keep any details to yourself.

Remember to lock up

Don’t make it even easier for burglars to steal your things; make sure you lock all of your doors and windows. Whether you’ll be out for the weekend, for an hour or are simply popping upstairs for a shower make sure there is no easy way into your home. In addition to this, if you have bought extremely valuable presents, or have valuable belongings, it may be a good idea to invest in a closed circuit television system. This way, even if someone does manage to break into your home and steal your Christmas presents at least you have some evidence and identification of the thief.