4 things burglars lookout for

Many people but the fact they’ve been targeted and then burgled down to bad luck, but it’s usually because there’s something about your property that the burglar liked the look of.

To help you get a better understanding of why a burglar targets a certain property we’ve put a list together of 4 things that they look out for.

Simple access

It’s an obvious one, but it’s a shining light to a potential burglar. Open windows (particularly on the ground level) are asking for a thief to come have a look inside. You might think they’re okay if only slightly open. Or perhaps it’s the middle of summer and you can’t stand to suffer the heat.

Be careful not to leave windows open when you’re not in. Because a burglar will go for it.

A lack of security

A home with any visible security measures in place will get hit by a burglar at some point.

If there’s no security, they might as well give it a shot, right?

To make sure you aren’t targeted place an alarm on the front of your property or put CCTV cameras in obvious places. This’ll soon deter any burglars who have the wrong idea about breaking in to your home.

A goldmine

Homeowners like the flash their most expensive belongings.

Hey neighbour, look at my new TV

As you can imagine, this isn’t the best idea. Because making it visible to your neighbours means it’s going to be visible to everyone else too. Don’t turn your home into an obvious goldmine for thieves.

Where you are

An empty home is always tempting to a burglar. No matter how secure or difficult it is to get into. Because they know if they do manage to get in, they have a while to rustle around in there.

Always give the impression that you’re at home. And if you go on holiday, get a neighbour to go round once a day to open/close the curtains, turn lights on and off when necessary etc.

If a burglar thinks there’s someone home they’ll be in there in a flash.