4 ways to deter burglars

No matter how optimistic you are there’s no denying that there will always be people in the world who wish to do others harm. The best thing to do against these crooks is to protect yourself as well as possible; we have come up with four simple tips to help protect your home and feel safer.

 Burglar alarm

Having a visible burglar alarm is one of the best deterrents against thieves. Although it is commonly believed that the majority of people ignore burglar alarms, viewing them as nuisances when they sound, they still act as deterrents. Even if burglars believe no one will react to the alarm instantly it still draws attention to the property, acting as a deterrent both before and after the alarm has been triggered.

Curtains and blinds

Another great way to deter, or at least not invite, burglars is to prevent them from being able to see into your home. If criminals can see into your living room they will already know where all of your expensive possessions are before breaking in, making the burglary quicker for them. Put up blinds or net curtains to ward off unwanted house guests.


The work of the burglar thrives in the dark: don’t provide them with these adequate conditions. Having security lights at the front and back of your property is a great way to deter burglars. If there is a chance that they can be seen they are much less likely to attempt breaking into your property.


Another great, but somewhat more expensive, way of deterring burglars is with a system of CCTV and surveillance cameras. As with the burglar alarm, the simple sight of a CCTV camera is usually enough to deter even the most hardened of thieves. If there is a chance that their image could be recorded, or that they could be caught red handed, they are much less likely to break and enter.


Put our four simple tips into practice to protect your property and your belongings; follow our advice and you’ll feel safer in your home in no time.