4 ways to protect your car at home

One open target that burglars often aim for is your car. It’s sat on your drive, out in the open and it houses valuable belongings.

So what can you do to make it more secure?

Here we’ve put together 4 tips to help you protect your car whilst it’s sat at home.

GatesMore often than not, your car becomes a target because it isn’t closed off. It’s sat there on your driver where everyone can see. If you can, install fencing and electric gates around the property. This is going to make sure that a would-be thief can’t see your car. And it could prove to be one obstacle too many.

Keep valuables in the houseOne thing you should never do is turn your car into a shop window. If you leave an expensive radio on the dashboard, your football gear in the back, or anything else of any worth in there, you’re asking for it to be broken in to.

So every night, or even better, every time you leave your car, empty it of any valuable contents. If a thief can’t see it, they can’t steal it.

Keep car keys away from the doorSurely you’ve heard of this trick. A thief approaches your house in the dead of night. They crouch down by your letter box and start to unwind a coat hanger. Slowly, the pull open the flap and thread the length of the coat hanger through the door.

5 minutes in and they’ve found it. They hook the ring of your keys on the end, and slowly bring them out.

The best way to avoid this? Keep your car keys (any keys for that matter) well away from the front door.

Keep it in the garageThe best deterrent is to lock your car away in your garage. And then arm your garage with a range of security equipment. Alarms, CCTVs, padlocks, whatever you can to make it more secure.

The last thing a thief wants to do is try and break through a garage door.

Why not do all of the above to make sure that your car and its contents are as safe as possible?

If you need help installing alarm systems and cutting spare keys, you can contact us today.