Buying a safe? Read this first!

Leading brand name safes such as Chubb, Churchill, and Securikey help to protect a wealth of precious items but what should you be thinking if you are buying a safe, either for your home or your business? There’s a lot to consider, so we thought we’d put together this handy guide at Mike B’s Security that might just help you when you are buying and installing a safe inside your property.

There are different types of safes

Safes come in many guises including free standing, under the floor and simple key cabinets that have a locking door. Depending on your personal preference, you might choose to securely bolt the safe to a floor, conceal it within a concrete floor, or mount it on a wall.

Many are hidden away

A number of homeowners choose to hide safes away in concealed locations. This can include sinking safes into walls and hiding them behind objects such as pictures or mirrors. Others are hidden in floors inside wardrobes and concealed with rugs, shoes and other everyday items. If you are clever, you can think of cunning places to put a safe to keep it hidden from sight.

Some are extremely well hidden

If you wanted to hide valuables inside a safe that doesn’t get used very often, you could totally conceal it within a wall cavity then board and skim over it so there’s literally no sign of the safe. This might sound extreme, but it’s happened in the past, where people take extreme steps to conceal documents such as wills, bonds and other items they need to store, want to protect, but don’t need to access on a regular basis. This is a dated method and it might sound like overkill but at least burglars wouldn’t suspect you had a safe if you took this approach.

It’s not wise to talk about your safe

It’s quite a thing to own a safe and it’s certainly a sensible precaution if you want to protect valuables and precious items, but there’s really no need to advertise the fact. Mention this in passing to your friends and your family and you never know who else is listening, which could have catastrophic implications for you.  Owning a safe is a sensible way to store expensive items, just keep it to yourself.

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