Crime hotspots around the home

Before you can strengthen your home’s security you need to know the areas where thieves are likely to target the most. This latest article from Mike B’s highlights the weak and vulnerable areas that criminals find easy to breach.

Doors: Front, rear and side doors are some of the weakest areas of the home. They’re soft targets for thieves, especially back doors that might not be overlooked by neighbouring properties. Good locks are essential in this area, make sure the doors are monitored by alarm systems as well.

Windows: Another weak spot in the home. Ground floor windows are the most vulnerable but upper level windows can be penetrated as well, thieves don’t mind climbing ladders or taking drastic action like shimmying up drainpipes. Make sure windows are secure, lock them and have them linked to your home alarm system.

Side gates: Fit a padlock to any side gates that are at your property, make it difficult for burglars to gain access to the rear of your property. Locks are cheap to buy from hardware stores so they’re an inexpensive way to update your home security.

Patios: French doors, sliding doors and patio doors are another target for thieves that are trying to break into your property. Fit deadlocks, link the doors to your alarm and place a metal rod in the runners of sliding doors to stop thieves in their tracks.

Conservatories: Glass conservatories are prone to attack by criminals, once they gain access to your conservatory it won’t take them long to find a way into your home. Make things difficult for them, deadlock doors, fit locks on windows and loop the conservatory to your home alarm/cctv system.

Garages: Alarm your garage, fit sturdier locks to entrance doors, use infared lighting or have a cctv camera pointing at your garage. Outbuildings are just as prone to attack from thieves, pay close attention to security in this area.