Easy security improvements you can make at home

We stock numerous types of security products at Mike B and many of our customers are domestic clients that want to make security changes around their house. Our advice has helped many customers that have called into our shop over the years and wanted to share some of our pearls of wisdom with our online customers as well. So here are a few ideas you might to want to try to improve security around your house.

Install a house alarm – Without an intruder alarm your home is a sitting duck, how is anybody supposed to know if burglars have broken into your property? Home alarm systems provide your property with 24 hour protection, you can have them monitored by a company and know right away if there’s a problem at your home. Alarms come in wired and wireless options, we supply and install both versions at Mike B security.

Use CCTV cameras – Place cameras around your property and you can monitor and record suspicious activity, see who’s calling at your home and have instant views of all outside areas whenever you like. Use CCTV systems and they quickly become an integral part of your home security system, ask us for a quote and we’d be happy to help.  

Use padlocks – Padlocks are simple security devices but sometimes it’s the simple things in life that work the best. Fit padlocks to garage doors, sheds, rear and side gates, you can fit them to your driveway gates as well. Prevent people from gaining access to your property by clamping padlocks to anything that swings or slides open.  

Fit a safe – Keep those expensive items locked away from prying eyes inside a free standing, wall mounted or floor mounted safe. Safes are good places to store passports, valuable jewellery or important documents and they come in key operated, digital keypad or mechanical combination options.  

Improve security lighting – Install security lighting outside your home, cover the front, side and rear of the property. Effective outside lighting is a good deterrent to keep burglars at bay, they steer clear of anything that draws attention to their activities.