Home Security at Christmas

As we head merrily into another festive season, spare a little thought for home security, and how you might protect your property as Christmas fast approaches. It may be the season to be jolly, but it’s also the season where burglars would happily spread a little misery, by stealing items from your home. Have a Happy Christmas this year, and follow these tips to keep your home safe as Santa is on his way.

Christmas lights

Whilst it’s nice to dress the interior and the exterior of your property with festive lights, consider how security lighting could be used as a safety feature this Christmas. Lights fitted with motion sensors illuminate the dark areas surrounding your property, and they act as a highly visible deterrent for burglars.

Weak spots at windows

Homes look very festive when you dress the windows with lights, fake snow, or the decorations of your choosing. Just be careful not to trail cables through open windows, as thieves often target these areas and know they can be weak spots. Check the locks on your windows whilst you are hanging decorations. Do they seem nice and secure, or could they be forced open easily by a crafty criminal?

Be careful when you dispose of receipts

One thing you can be sure of at Christmas is you are going to have to go shopping at some point. There’s a good chance you will spend more than you wanted to on presents, and be left with lots of receipts as a result. Be very careful how you dispose of these, and never throw them into the waste without shredding them first, which you should do with all your private paperwork.

Close curtains and blinds at night

Although it’s tempting to leave your curtains open in the build-up to Christmas to show your tree off, you shouldn’t really. Close them to keep valuables out of sight, and if you are going out for the night, set lights on timers so it looks like somebody is home.

Protect your packaging

With so many presents being handed out at Christmas, it comes as no surprise to learn that a huge amount of packaging needs to be disposed of, and how you do this can be critical. Take large boxes to your local recycling centre to safely dispose of them there, or fold them flat before placing them discreetly inside your waste bin moments before the refuse collection is due. Under no circumstances leave them on display, as they will just be an advert for those lovely new devices you have in your home.

Christmas is a fun and enjoyable time for many, just be careful with home security at this time of year, and if you need products to help you protect your home, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mike B’s Specialist Security Centre, or call 01455 891046