Home security tips for weekends away

Going away for a weekend break should be an exciting prospect. Don’t spoil this special moment by worrying too much about your property. Bet your bottom dollar it’ll be fine as long as you follow Mike B’s ‘weekend away’ safety advice.

Here’s what to do…

  • Use timers
  • Check door locks
  • Test window locks
  • Set alarm
  • Cancel deliveries
  • Tell somebody you trust


Set timers in different rooms around the house to come on as soon as it goes dark. This creates the impression that somebody is at home during the evening, when the property is likely to be extra vulnerable.

A good tip is to plug a radio into a timer too. If music is playing burglars should be warned away.

Door locks

How effective are the locks at your property? As well as latch locks upgrade to mortice locks where necessary to give your door extra protection.

Before you drive away from the house double-check all the door locks around the home.

Window locks

Test window locks too. Don’t make it easy for thieves. Windows are weak spots, especially if the locks are old or feeble, go around the property shutting windows and locking them down tight.

Test alarm

When was the last time you gave your alarm a quick test? Set it and try it before you go away. And don’t forget to turn it on before your weekend away.

Cancel deliveries

Do you get milk delivered to the house? If so, cancel this before you go away for the weekend.

Burglars aren’t as daft as you think. They notice things like pints of milk stacking up on doorsteps and it doesn’t take long to work out the house is empty.

Notify your neighbours

Do you have good relations with your neighbours? If so tell them you are going away. They can keep one eye on the property for you in your absence.

Good neighbours go the extra distance. They mow lawns, water plants and push post through letterboxes to make it look like your house is lived in.

Use this battle guide the next time you go away for a weekend and you should be able to relax and enjoy the break.

Have a great time from the team at Mike B’s!