Protect This With a Padlock

Padlocks are durable and dependable home security features. They are easy to fit, provide a strong visual deterrent, and can be used for numerous home protection purposes.

Here we list seven household features you can secure with a padlock.

Top Seven Places to Use a Padlock  

1.   Garage Doors

Fit a hasp and staple to a set of garage doors and this enables you to clunk a chunky padlock into place.  A sturdy padlock bolsters your existing security measures and acts as a strong visual deterrent. It’s handy to use on a garage that might be prone to thieves.

2.   Sheds

Garden sheds are other garden features that attract the criminal fraternity. They are usually fitted with basic locks that are very easy to breach. Fix this by adding a padlock and you boost security in very simple steps.

3.   Side Gates

Want to step up security around the perimeter of your property? Fasten side gates with a padlock at night, or click one shut when you are away from the home. If the gate is locked thieves can’t get access to your land.

4.   Front Gates

Prevent unwanted attention by locking driveway gates when you go away. Use a sturdy chain, fasten this together with a lock, and keep the key handy for when you get back home.

5.   Back Gates

Stop intruders breaking into your garden by gaining access through the rear garden gate. Add a padlock and the gate will stay firmly shut, until you decide to open it.

6.   Bikes

Stop your bike getting stolen. Chain it to a fixed structure and thieves won’t be able to ride it away. A metal downpipe is ideal.

7.   Garden Furniture

Having just paid a small fortune for trendy garden furniture, the last thing you want is to have those funky features stolen.  Chain it down, and secure it good and tight with a padlock, it’ll save you a small fortune on garden accessory replacements.

These are just seven examples of where you can use a padlock around the home. By one from us here at Mike B’s Security and we bet you can think of plenty of uses for this item.