Secure places to store valuables at home

Storing valuables like cash in your house is always a worry. Even if you have never fallen victim to a robbery and your house is like a fortress. The minute you need to store an item of considerable value in there, you think the worst.

To help make sure your valuables are safe we’ve come up with five of the most secure places to store things in your home.

The freezerYep, you read that right. The freezer. It’s the last place a burglar will think to look when they’re on the hunt for your valuable goods, so the first place you should consider hiding them. Obviously, not all valuables can be stored in the freezer, but things like cash will be safe in there.

Return air ventTake off your air vent and keep any valuables you have that you don’t regularly need to get at stored there. The last thing a burglar wants to do is climb some ladders and start to unscrew return air vents. They want to break in, grab your stuff, and leave as quickly as possible.

A tennis ballThis one’s great for small pieces of jewellery or wads of cash. Purchase a tube of tennis balls. Take one out and cut it open half way so that it opens up and closes. Then pad the inside with tissue (so that the items don’t rattle about in there) place your valuables in there, close it up, and put in between the two other balls in the container.

And hope Roger Federer doesn’t rob your house.

A book safeYou’ve probably seen them in films and probably think they’re more of a gimmick than anything else. But when blended in well on a shelf, a burglar will never think to check there. We recommend making your own, simply because the premade ones don’t look quite as natural. A quick Google search will offer up plenty of guides on how to do it.

A heavy duty safeThe final and most obvious place to hide your valuables is in a big safe. Invest well in a heavy duty safe and you won’t have to worry about a burglar getting at your goods. As we said, they hate spending too long inside a property. They want to grab your stuff and get out of there quick. They don’t want to have to try and break into a safe.