Seven items you should definitely keep inside a safe

Here at Mike B’s Security we’re leading stockists of Securikey, Chubb, Churchill and Burton safes. This means we’re in a strong position to supply our customers with sturdy and robust storage solutions. A safe offers the highest degree of security no matter that what you decide to place inside. We suggest you start off with some of these personal items.

1. Wills

Where better to keep your last will and testament than inside a fireproof safe? God forbid anything should happen to you but it’s reassuring to know you relatives will be able to find details of your last wishes if the unthinkable happens.  Securely tucked away inside a safe, you can gain access to your will if you want to make changes or simply leave it undisturbed until the day you shuffle off this mortal coil.

2. House documents

Keep insurance documents, details of the mortgage policy, deeds and other important ‘house-related’ paperwork secured away inside your safe. You’ll never have to scrabble around the house again looking for paperwork if you pop household docs inside your safe.

3. Valuable items of jewellery

Got a thing for diamonds? Protect them when not in use and keep them under lock and key inside a safe. Rings, earrings, necklaces and bracelets should be kept inside a safe. The same can be said for designer watches too. Where else would you keep a Rolex?

4. Keys to the car

Cars are valuable commodities. Lock them up and store keys inside a safe. You’ll never lose another set of car keys if you do. Keep spare sets of car keys in the safe as well. Just in case you lose the main set whilst you are out and about.

5. Documents for the vehicle 

Keep car registration documents, original paperwork or insurance valuations in the safe as well. This is especially important if the vehicle is a cherished classic or a powerful vehicle that’s worth many thousands of pounds.

6. Passport

How many times have you been due to fly away on holiday and had a frantic search around the house looking for a lost passport? Keep it in one place and you don’t have this problem, lock it inside a safe and you know exactly where it is. The perfect place for a passport is nice and secure tucked away within the confines of a free standing or under floor safe.

7. Birth certificate

Finally if you had to locate your birth certificate in a hurry could you hand on heart lay claim to know where it is? Ask most people this question and they’d honestly answer they’d have to scout around the home for this important item of paperwork. Fix this by fitting a domestic safe in your home. Keep your birth certificate in a place where you can access it easily. You never know when it’ll come in handy!