Shed security made simple

Sheds are nifty storage places, they’re also a hot spot for thieves that chance their luck trying to pinch and pilfer items. Own a shed and it pays to have effective security measures in place.

As always, we have plenty of security tips to assist you at Mike B’s, read our newest blog post about shed security and don’t become a victim of crime.

To secure a shed try…

Fitting a strong hasp and staple

Secure the door on your shed with a sturdy hasp and staple. Fix this into place with strong non-returnable screws and thieves will have trouble prising the hasp and staple off.

Heavy duty hasps are simple to fit, the same can be said for staples too.

Using heavy duty padlocks

Lock the hasp over the staple with a strong padlock, we have plenty to choose from at Mike B’s Security.

Pick a padlock that’s tough and resilient, smear a little grease over the lock to prevent it from rusting in wet weather and have a formidable barrier in place.

Upgrading hinges

Look at the screws on your shed hinges. Are they easily accessible, could a thief unscrew them from the outside and gain access to your shed this way?

Swap standard screws for coach bolts or non-returnable fasteners. This put thieves off straight away.

Installing an alarm

Why alarm your home and ignore your shed? Battery operated alarms are easy to install and they provide early warnings of attempted break-ins.

Covering windows

Why advertise to thieves when net curtains or blinds conceal the contents of your shed from prying eyes?

Cover windows from the inside when you are away from the shed and keep frames locked if you can open them from the interior.

Keeping up with shed maintenance

Rotten window frames and doors are easy access points for criminals. Stay on top of shed maintenance to prevent the doors and windows from rotting, paint the shed with preserver once a year and this could prevent a security breach in the future.

We have plenty of items in stock to assist with shed security at Mike B’s, take a good look around our website and don’t become a target for thieves.