The Hottest Home Security Tips From Former Burglars

Most of the advice you hear about home security comes from the police or security experts. Say you could speak to a former burglar though, and ask their opinion. Surely they’d be the ideal person to enlighten you if you wanted to know anything about home burglaries.

An investigative reporter did just this in Portland, Oregan, and spoke to 86 inmates who were serving time for burglary. They gave their candid views about committing crimes, and also told the reporter the types of deterrents that would stop them from breaking and entering a property. Here’s what they had to say.

Flood the Property With Bright Lighting

Make sure the outside of your home is covered with adequate lighting so there are no dark areas where burglars can hide. The bright lighting really puts burglars off, especially when motion detector lights click into action as soon as anyone steps foot onto your property. The burglars interviewed during the survey also suggested trimming bushes and keeping trees closely pruned.

Make Some Noise

One of the most popular deterrents that came to light during the survey was leaving a radio or TV on. This makes it sound like somebody is at home, which scares burglars away. Turn a light on if you are going out at night too, and set timers on lights to come on if you are going out during the day but won’t be home until it’s dark.

Park Your Car On The Driveway

Most of the burglars interviewed said a car parked in a driveway was a huge deterrent when they carried out surveillance on a property. If there are a few cars in your household, make sure one is kept on the drive when you are away from the home to make it look like you are in. Never park on the road if you have a driveway free, especially if you’re not at home. Make a point of parking your car on the drive to keep burglars at bay.

Look Out For Neighbours

Take the time to introduce yourself to your neighbours and try to build a friendly relationship. Do this, and when you go out they can listen for signs of trouble at your property, and vice-versa, reporting any signs of unusual activity to one another.

These are some of the hottest home security tips provided by burglars and you can see how they can be so useful. Implement these suggestions as part of your home protection measures, and should you require security products of any description, simply contact us here at Mike B’s by calling 01455 891046.