Top Ten Items Stolen From Domestic Homes

Theft from a property isn’t necessarily a premeditated crime. Many instances of home thefts are carried out by opportunistic thieves, who simply chance their luck and take items on the spur of the moment. Certain items are more popular than others and thieves will specifically target these when they are carrying out crimes. What are these items? To make you aware, we list the top ten items commonly stolen from households as listed by Direct Line Insurance and give tips on how these thefts can be prevented.

Most common stolen household items:

  • Bikes
  • Mobile phones
  • Power tools
  • Laptops
  • Tablet devices
  • Cameras
  • Golfing goods
  • Gardening tools
  • Audio equipment
  • TVs

It’s easy to see why bikes are popular for thieves. They can grab them, straddle them, and ride off on them in seconds, then sell them easily afterwards. To protect your bike, take down the serial number of the bike for future reference and register the bike here to protect it from theft.  You might want to snap a few pictures of the bike just in case. This could help identify it in the future if it does get stolen.

For items such as gardening equipment, golf clubs and power tools, make sure you keep your garage or shed securely locked to make life difficult for thieves. And never leave items such as mobiles, laptops or tablets in full view of open doors or windows, this could prove to be too tempting for an opportunistic thief who will snatch them and be away on their toes before you have time to think.

Safeguarding your home against thieves is one of the best ways to prevent theft from the property. We have a range of home security measures here at Mike B’s Security Locksmiths Ltd including alarm systems, safes, high-security door cylinders and premium quality padlocks.

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