Types of CCTV systems

Apart from alarms, CCTV is a proven method of protecting your home and property but how much do you actually know about closed circuit security? Not much is the usual answer but that doesn’t matter, buying guides are readily available to help you understand the different CCTV systems you can buy right now. Take this latest blog for example. It covers the basics of CCTV and tells you how each system works.

Wired CCTV

This is one of the most popular options for CCTV systems and normally it works out to be the cheapest package as well. Wires link the camera straight to a monitor and the images can be viewed by a camera operator or recorded and used as evidence later on.

Wireless CCTV

Easier to install than wired systems but generally a little bit dearer too. Wireless installations give you greater flexibility than fixed wired systems, cameras connect remotely to monitors and you can upgrade the CCTV and add extra cameras with speed and simplicity.


Works over the internet so really useful if you want to monitor your home or business from another location. You could be at work and check up on your property for example, or be away on holiday and still have a means of checking everything is okay back at home. 

Features to look

Whether you are investing in a commercial or a domestic CCTV the quality of the images is important so look for a system that provides good camera resolution. It goes without saying the cameras should be waterproof if they are being used outdoors, you might want to consider vandal-proof versions as well. Motion detection is a useful feature, it only activates when it detects movement so it saves space on the storage device. And night vision is handy if you want to capture images after dark, some systems capture images in colour during the day and film in black and white at night.

If you need help choosing CCTV system don’t be afraid to ask for help from any of the team at Mike B’s.