Why Burglars Single Out Certain Types of Properties

What is it about certain types of properties that make them more appealing to burglars? There’s no denying that criminals will target specific types of homes, and there are underlying reasons why this is. In the majority of cases, homes become targets because of the following reasons.

They don’t have an alarm fitted

Installing a burglar alarm is a sensible precaution and goes a long way to deterring thieves. Given the chance, thieves would much rather target properties without active alarms, as this makes their job so much easier.

It’s a corner plot

Living on a corner plot means you have extra outside space but this can be a disadvantage from a crime perspective. Burglars favour corner plots due to the ease of access and the fact they have fewer neighbouring properties.

The property is situated next to an alley

Properties that are situated next to an alleyway are favoured by burglars too, as this affords the criminal an easy means to break into the property without being detected, and they can also make good their escape without getting noticed.

It doesn’t have a dog

Dogs are a very effective deterrent against burglars and given the choice, they’d much rather target a home that doesn’t have a canine present. Loud barks will send them scampering, and if there’s a chance they’ll be bitten, they’ll certainly think again.

There’s nobody home during the day

Burglars are crafty and they will monitor neighbourhoods for signs of activity and especially look for homes that have minimal activity during the day. Once they know you leave home early and don’t come back again until the evening, they’ll see your home as a potential target.

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