Why You Should Get a Key Safe Immediately

What is a key safe?

A key safe is a strong box, made of metal that safely and mechanically stores the key to your front door inside it. The key safe is installed onto the exterior of your home, with your keys accessed through entering the correct combination code.

This combination code is known only to you and the people with whom you wish to share the information. In the case of any emergency, it allows responders to quickly retrieve your door key and access your property, and you can easily arrange for someone to gain access should you be away from home.

The best locations for key safes

Any decent security specialist will install your key safe out of sight of the general public to minimise burglars attempting to access it.

Finding the most appropriate place for your key safe is paramount in maintaining the security of your home. At Mike B Security, we ensure that no key safe:

  • Can be seen from the road
  • Is at eye level
  • Is near your door
  • Can be easily identified as a key safe

If your key safe is in any of the above locations, you should seriously consider moving it.

We advise all our customers to hide their key safe low down, behind a drain pipe or plant and have it out of sight from passers-by. The key safe shouldn’t be recognisable to the regular visitors you have to your home.

Regularly change the code

Police guidance states you should regularly change the code to your key safe to maximise the security benefits.

All our key safes are supplied uncoded, allowing you to set the first code yourself. It’s incredibly easy to change your key safe’s code, just as easy as setting the initial code. Should you need any help, security specialists or the safe’s manufacturer will be able to help you.

Preventing break-ins and burglaries

Key safes in themselves are a considerable deterrent to burglars and thieves. Even if they do attempt to enter your home, they’re unlikely to use the key you store in your key safe. This is for two primary reasons:

  • Before anyone can crack the code of your key safe, they need to know how many digits are in the code.

As so many different things rely on a four digit code, such as bank cards, smartphone pass codes and TV PINS, you should consider a five or six digit code to minimise the chance of people guessing correctly.

  • Knocking the key safe off the wall and smashing it into pieces. Not only is this method noisy and time consuming, but potential thieves would have to use large and heavy tools like hammers and chisels.

Most thieves are opportunists, and much more likely to break a window or shoulder a door than into a well-hidden key safe.

More information

For more information on how a key safe can improve your home security, advice on which brand to buy and for a full-fitting service, contact us or call 01455 891 046 today.