Window protection, what to fit and what it does!

We’ve mentioned the importance of window protection in our previous blogs but we can’t stress this point enough. Glass is an easy target, frames are sensitive to the criminal touch and windows are easy access points for criminals. Fight back using these methods though and protect your property from the unwelcome advances of burglars or vandals.

Window shutters: Aluminium window shutters are very effective for crime prevention, they are commonly used in industrial settings, on shop fronts and for commercial environments. However, they are also put to the test in the private sector as well and powder coated versions can be painted in a variety of colours to blend into the background. Lower them to cover windows and keep criminals out of your property.

Window grills: Security grilles offer a high level of physical protection, they’re another option used in commercial and domestic settings. Made from tough and durable materials, the grills are closed and locked at night or whenever you depart the building.

Safety film: Security film is another option you can fit to glazing, it prevents glass from shattering when struck by an object from the outside. Burglars have their work cut out when they try to break through security film, most will simply give up and take their pilfering elsewhere.

Nails: A basic but effective way to stop sash windows from sliding upwards is to drill a hole in the frame above the lower window. Pop a nail in the hole when the window is closed and even if the burglar manages to force the catch, they won’t be able to slide the window up.

Locks and alarms: We always recommend upgrading the locks on windows to make it as difficult as possible for intruders. And monitor the windows with an alarm system as well, have an early warning system that tracks suspicious activity around the weak spots in your home.