Say no to mail theft by using these tips

Would you feel comfortable opening a letter addressed to somebody else?  Most honest, law abiding people would find this a difficult act unless they had no choice and needed to open mail in an emergency. Sadly, the criminal fraternity has no issues opening other peoples’ mail. They do so to gain valuable information, this data can then be used to commit financial fraud or to clone another person’s identity. 

One way to combat this problem is to safeguard your mail. Take positive steps and prevent mail disappearing with these crime-busting tips.

Collect mail quickly

Never leave mail hanging around for longer than is necessary. Pick up your post as soon as it gets pushed through your letterbox, this is especially important if you live in a communal accommodation block where numerous people have post delivered daily. Don’t leave mail out in the open for prolonged periods of time – you never know who might be watching it.

Secure your letterbox

How secure is the letterbox at your property? Can mail be accessed from outside your home or is the letter slot nice and secure?  Fix any faults you might have on your letterbox or replace the item in question if your mail isn’t secure.

Get the mail collected

If you are going away on holiday for a week or two, ask somebody you trust to collect the mail on your behalf.  Criminals aren’t stupid. They pick up on certain signals like a mail mountain which steadily gets larger on a daily basis. If your mail is starting to mount up, it’s pretty obvious you’re not at home and haven’t been for a while.

Opt for electronic mail

Do you still have bank statements and credit card bills delivered by hand to your door? See if your bank, building society, credit card or store card provider has the capacity to send electronic statements. Not only does this save paper, it’s more convenient, and as long as you have internet security it should be safer too.

Buy a lockable mailbox

Stay in complete control of post by using a lockable mailbox. Keep the key close by and only you will have access to your mail, just collect it at a time that’s convenient and never have a letter go missing again.

Be vigilant looking after mail. Postal crime is on the increase, stay aware and use Mike B’s ‘stop-post-getting-stolen’ security tips.