Simple security tips for lone females

Sadly the latest crime statistics would indicate there has been a rise in attacks against the person. The latest figures published by the Metropolitan Police clearly indicate that over 25, 000 incidents of robbery against the person were recorded in a 12 month period.

This makes a harrowing read, what can you do to prevent a mugging or a robbery, how do you protect yourself from becoming a victim of street crime?

We’ve pooled our resources at Mike B’s specialist security and thought of these ideas to keep you safer on the street.

Safety in numbers

Head out for the evening and stick with your mates. Avoid getting separated if at all possible, keep a close eye on one another, and never leave your drink unattended, you never know when it will be spiked.

Share taxis back to each other’s house, only use licensed hackney carriages and never get into a vehicle on your own if you feel threatened or in danger.

Be careful at ATMs

Always check behind you before you use an ATM. Shield your pin and when you take cash from the machine pop it straight into your wallet or purse.

Use another cashpoint if you are worried about suspicious characters hanging around near the ATM, never strike up a conversation with somebody whilst you are using the machine.

Keep your bag gripped to your shoulder

Keep your bag close by your side to prevent yourself becoming the victim of a grab and dash mugger. Be mindful of your surroundings, swing your bag around carelessly as you chat idly on your mobile phone and a thief will have your handbag away in a matter of seconds before you even know what’s going on.

Park in well-lit areas

Avoid dark, remote areas when you are looking for a place to park, especially if you are travelling on your own. Park in busy, public areas during the day and think about how this area might change when you return to the vehicle later on at night.

The savvier you are about potential dangers the safer you will be!