Common Door Lock Faults and Simple Solutions

When you have problems trying to lock your door, whether the key won’t turn or it feels jammed for some reason, there’s probably a really good explanation why this is happening to you.

Don’t worry if you are faced with this situation. We offer a brilliant locksmith service here at Mike B’s Specialist Security Centres and have a range of high-security door cylinders and double glazing locks and hardware to replace any faulty door locks in your home.

In case you were wondering, door locks can develop faults for the following reasons:

Snapped Keys

If keys are worn, the lock is frozen, or you simply turn the key with too much force, there’s a chance it could be snapped within the lock. Keys break when people handle them roughly, thankfully a good locksmith service can cut new keys and replace them on site.

Stuck Keys

Sometimes keys get jammed within cylinders. At this point, it could be tempting to try to twist the key and ‘wriggle’ it back out of the lock. Never do this. It could lead to you snapping the key inside the lock. If the key is well and truly jammed, call a locksmith and get them to resolve the issue for you.

Lock Failures

Sometimes it’s the door lock that is at fault. After providing years of service, parts can fail, rendering the locking mechanism useless.  If the key fits the lock okay but the mechanism doesn’t work, replacement parts or a lock repair might be required by a qualified person.

Dropping Door

Check the door alignment if the lock seems to be faulty. Certain doors can be prone to dropping which can affect the lock. This is partially true of uPVC doors that can drop and create alignment issues between the locking points.  The good news is if your door seems to have this problem, it’s a simple fix that shouldn’t cost the earth.

The main thing to remember if you are experiencing problems with door locks is they can either be fixed or replaced by a competent locksmith. Should you require the assistance of a locksmith in Leicestershire or Warwickshire, we are here to give you advice and guidance at Mike B’s and you can call us today on 01455 891046 or 01788 562754 for more details.