Everything You Need to Know About Keysafes

If you have ever wondered what a keysafe is, or simply need more information about this type of security measure, we have written this handy guide for you here at Mike B’s Security.

What exactly is a keysafe?

Keysafes are a really useful means to store keys safely outside a property. They are extremely handy if you need to access a building quickly, especially in an emergency situation. These strong little devices act like a mini vault, keeping your keys locked away inside a safe environment that can only be accessed by a secret numerical combination. Simple to use and highly effective, spare keys are stored easily inside a keysafe. They offer a sensible means of access for multiple users.

Who uses a keysafe?

Anyone can use a keysafe for the safe storage of keys. They are especially popular with housing associations, health professionals, social services and care workers who need to gain access to the homes of elderly patients in emergency situations, or simply to provide daily care. Carers and cleaners can access a property using a keysafe. They are often used by owners of holiday homes who rent out their properties to holidaymakers and can be used by anyone who wants to keep a spare key safe on the outside of a property.

How do you access a keysafe?

The means of accessing a keysafe is through a numerical code which is manually inputted into a keypad on the front of the safe. Each individual safe has its own unique code. You simply enter the correct digits and press the release button for the safe to pop open with ease.

Who chooses the code?   

When you buy a keysafe you are given the opportunity to set your own code. This is a usually a set of numbers between four and seven digits long. We wouldn’t recommend using birthdates or pin codes for obvious reasons when you are choosing a new combination. What’s more, the code should only be revealed to people that have authority to use the safe and enter the house.

Can I change the code?

You can change the code to a keysafe as often as you like. Although this might not be practical for most users, it can be useful if you rent out a holiday home for example, and want to change the code to make it unique for each individual holidaymaker.

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Keysafes are usually installed on the outside wall of a property and access to the key inside is only possible with the right combination. We offer a supply only or a supply and fit service for keysafes here at Mike B’s Security Ltd, contact us for more information and to order your keysafe today.