Garage Safety for Homeowners

If you worry about thieves stealing items from your garage take these preventative steps

Garages are like an Aladdin’s cave for thieves.  This is no surprise when you consider some of the ‘treasures’ you keep inside. Cars, bikes, tools and gardening equipment are just some of the items that are stolen and later sold for a bit of cash in hand.

There are ways to prevent petty garage pilfering and by taking this action you make it  an impenetrable fortress.

Lock it or lose it

Making sure your garage is locked is one way simple but effective way to reduce the risk of theft. Open garages are a total temptation. Keep them closed and locked when not in use. Never leave your garage door open, even if you are working in the garden, all it takes is for you to be distracted for a second and some opportunistic thief will have it away with your lawn mower or pressure washer.  Add high-security locks to improve safety measures in this area.

Light ‘em up

Security lighting is a sensible precaution if you want to enhance garage security. Place motion sensor lighting in strategic positions and at the first indication of movement the immediate areas around the garage will be bathed in light, along with any person that is trying to break into it.

Get alarmed

Add an alarm system to your garage as a visual and audible deterrent. The mere sight of an alarm box is enough to put some thieves off. Add to this the prospect of trying to steal items from your garage whilst the alarm is wailing and they are going to think twice.

Open your eyes      

If you want to monitor suspicious movements outside your garage install a modern CCTV system. This will enable you to keep close tabs on the perimeter and record any activity that seems odd. Domestic CCTV systems have gained a huge following in recent years being cost effective and extremely reliable.

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