Heed These Home Security Hacks

Worried about home security? Try these hot hacks designed to thwart burglars. Here at Mike B’s Security, we share the tips and tricks burglars don’t want you to know about.

Recycle empty boxes quickly

Don’t leave boxes in or near your cardboard recycling bin, all this does is tell everybody you have recently bought expensive electronic goods. It’s best to take 4K HD TV packaging and games console packaging straight to the local recycling centre once you have unpacked and installed expensive goods in your home. Left on display outside your property, boxes and packaging from pricey electronic items act as an advertisement for the criminal fraternity.

Display a beware of the dog sign

You don’t need to own a dog to convince a burglar into thinking you have the Hound of the Baskervilles living at your property. Display a ‘Beware of the Dog’ sign or a place an ‘I Live Here’ card in your living room window and make sure there’s a picture of a Doberman, Rottweiler or German Shepherd clearly on display. If you really want to go the whole hog trying to convince burglars you have a dog at home protecting your property, rig your doorbell up so it plays dog barking sound effects whenever somebody presses the push button.

Hide items out in the open

Fake book covers or binders placed on a bookcase are a really useful shield you can use to hide valuables out in the open. You can hide small but expensive items behind them and conceal their identity this way. Criminals won’t think of rummaging through your bookcase shelves in search of hidden treasures.

Create a cardboard cut-out

Leaving a light on at night when you are away from your property is a good way to kid criminals into thinking you are at home. Want to take this to the next level? Lie flat on a piece of cardboard and get somebody to draw around your upper body, neck and head. Cut this shape out and you have just created a cardboard silhouette. You can place this on a window sill in front of closed blinds or rest it on a chair in front of a window when the blinds are shut. With the lights on, anyone passing the property who glances at your window will think somebody is at home.

Make a Sash Window Rod

Cut a wooden brush handle into sections to make sash window rods. Measure the size of each rod so they slot perfectly between the lower and upper sliding sections of your sash or casement windows. You can insert them into place when you leave the property or go to bed at night. Anyone trying to break into your house by breaching the window from outside won’t be able to slide it up, even if they manage to work their way around the lock.

Sometimes it’s the simplest home security hacks that prove to be the best.  If you need to invest in house security and want to improve some of the security features at your home, we have everything you need right here at Mike B’s Security. Call us today on 01455 891046.