How to stop your phone from being stolen

Every phone owner has experienced that feeling of dread when you’ve lost your phone. You tap every pocket hoping you’ll feel it in there, but it doesn’t show up.

It’s gone.

Probably stolen.

How can you protect your phone from theft in the future?

Here’s our guide.

Hold on – You’ve probably heard that keeping your phone tucked safely away in your bag while on the move is the best thing to do. But that isn’t realistic. We use our phones on our commute, on the move, and while we’re trying to find somewhere.

Make sure that someone can’t grab your phone from your hand and run. Because believe us, this does happen. Weave your fingers together from both hands behind the device. It’ll help ensure you can’t drop the phone too.

Sure, it can still be grabbed, but there’s less chance of someone going for it if it looks like you’re holding your phone well.

Misdirect – Some thieves are brazen enough to strike up conversation with you before stealing your belongings. If you’re approached on your commute to work and someone starts asking you if you’re using the latest phone, tell them no. Its two years old and broken.

Don’t advertise!

Make it hard to reach – The most convenient place to carry your phone is your pocket, but it’s also a place a thief will go first. Make it hard for them. Keep your phone (and anything else valuable for that matter) in hard to reach places like inside coat pockets, a purse, or a backpack.

Use a screenlock – The screenlock is your first line of defence when your phone has been stolen, so make sure you have on in place. Have a pin and make sure you change it regularly. If you have touch ID, even better. Use it.

Download a ‘find my phone’ app – If you want to get your phone back, you need to know where it is. IOS and Android both have their own respective find my phone settings. Find Android’s here and iPhone’s here.