Keep Your Home Safe Whilst You’re Away with These Simple Tips

Every time we leave our homes for extended periods of time, we’ll always worry about the safety of home. Whilst this is natural, there are plenty of simple measures you can take to minimise the risk your home faces when you’re on holiday. At Mike B’s, we’re constantly advising people how to maximise their home’s security whilst they’re on holiday; read our simple tips to keep your home safer.


One of the best things anyone can do to keep their home safe is to install a working burglar alarm. The loud noise will disorientate and panic the thief, as well as drawing attention to your home. Burglar alarms are such a nuisance to a would-be burglar, that just by installing an alarm system; you’re less likely to suffer a break in.

If you’re planning to go away, you may wish to inform your local police office, so they can quickly react to your alarm going off whilst you’re on holiday. Obviously, a false alarm may get you into trouble for wasting police time, so you should only consider this if your area is suffering a series of break ins already.

The neighbour

If you’re lucky enough to have a close neighbour, or friends who live nearby, let them know that you’re going away, and ask them to look after your home. A trusted neighbour can offer a security blanket for your busy work schedule or holiday, as well as making your home appear to be ‘lived in’, another simple and underestimated deterrent.

Don’t make it obvious

Whether this is posting online about how excited you are for your two week holiday to Spain, or calling for a taxi from your home to the airport, being open about leaving your home for extended periods of time will alert any potential thieves that your home will be vulnerable. Having a friend drive you to the airport, having a taxi pick you up from the end of your street and being discreet when talking about your holiday are all ways to keep your home safer.


Ensuring all your locks are fit for purpose is another way to give your mind some ease. Although having robust and secure locks isn’t a definitive way of stopping someone entering your home, they can significantly make it harder for any potential burglar to break in. Similarly, having double glazed windows makes it much harder to break into a home, being much tougher than older, single glazed windows.

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