Simple but Effective Home Security Tips

Owning a property shouldn’t be a worry but it is. Even if you fit the highest specification alarm and install insurance approved locks through a registered locksmith, there’s always the worry that something might go wrong and you become a victim of crime.

As well as supplying a host of home security products, at Mike B’s we are always thinking of new ideas of how to improve home security to make you feel safer in your house, here are some suggestions you might want to try.

Car Keys

Take your car keys to bed with you when you retire for the evening. You can set the alarm off if you hear suspicious activity outside and cause a state of panic for any intruders at your property. Not only will the sound of the car alarm shock the thief, it’ll raise awareness that all is not well to neighbouring properties.

Be wary of letting strangers use your facilities

If you let temporary visitors into your home for whatever reason be careful about leaving them alone for any length of time. Most people are honest but you do find case examples where bogus workmen or supposed officials visit your home with the intention of stealing from you. Left unsupervised, they could pocket something valuable or unlock a window at your property so they can break into your home later.

Ask neighbours to push post through your door

If you go away for a few days ask your neighbour to push any mail that is left protruding from your letterbox fully into your house.  Left as they are, papers, marketing leaflets and takeaway menus left sticking out of your letterbox are an obvious giveaway that you’re not home.

Be picky choosing locksmiths

Always use a reputable, trade-approved locksmith if you are changing the locks at your property. This way you can guarantee they’ll provide an honest, professional service and won’t be eying up your valuables whilst keeping a spare key to your home for future use.

For any advice, or to make an enquiry about any of the security solutions we have to offer you, please don’t hesitate to contact us by calling 01455 891046.