Stop Crime With These Vehicle Security Tips

It’s every motorist’s worst nightmare. Their car is either stolen or it is broken into and personal possessions are taken during the crime. How do you prevent this? Take action by doing this.

Lock it, don’t lose it

Never leave your car unlocked, even for a moment as you ‘pop’ into a shop. Thieves don’t need asking twice. If they spot an opportunity they will grab it, with both hands! Leave your car unlocked and you will either lose the contents of the vehicle or when you come back to it, there’ll be nothing there. Check the locking mechanism activates whenever you leave the vehicle for safety and peace of mind.

Hide stuff away

Don’t leave sat navs, mobile phones, purses or wallets on display in your car. Smash and grab opportunists will have no qualms whatsoever about breaking into your vehicle to steal anything inside. Lock goods out of sight at all times. Place items in the boot of your vehicle or if it is fitted with a hidden storage area, use this instead.

Use additional security measures

Lock your car by all means but use other security devices as well. Steering wheel locks, handbrake locks, alarms, immobilisers and tracking devices all help to deter thieves. When you park your car at home keep it locked away in a garage or consider fitting dropdown posts for your driveway, security lighting and CCTV systems to prevent vehicle theft.

Think about safety on the move

Get into the habit of locking doors as you drive away. Most modern cars have automatic door locking systems that activate as soon as the vehicle starts to move. Make sure this feature is enabled and if you drive an older type of car that doesn’t have this type of function, lock the doors yourself to prevent people snatching and grabbing your belongings at traffic lights or when you stop for a minute in heavy traffic.

Never leave the car running whilst unattended

You can’t complain if you leave your car’s engine running, exit it, walk away, and the vehicle is stolen in your absence. Well, you can complain but nobody would have sympathy with you. Especially the police, who could prosecute you for the offence of ‘quitting’ under the Road Traffic Act, which is basically leaving your vehicle’s engine running without you being in it. Sure it’s tempting to do this, especially in cold weather when you are de-icing the car, but it’s also a great way to get the car stolen.

Treat automotive security seriously. Take sensible precautions, and should you require key cutting or unique locking solutions, don’t hesitate to contact us here at Mike B’s.