Try This Quick Home Security Check

Your home could be at risk right now. Without effective security measures, you could be taking a massive gamble, running the genuine threat of burglary, theft and damage to your property.  Fail to take sensible security precautions and you could become a victim of crime. Don’t worry though, it’s not too late to make positive changes and by completing a quick home safety check you can soon establish the key areas that need addressing.

How efficient are the security measures around your home? 

If it’s been a while since you considered anything to do with home security this could be a great time to review and renew your current procedures, then make positive changes for the better. This doesn’t have to be a major trauma – a quick physical inspection of the property should reveal any hotspots that need attention.

Areas to address include:

Doors – Are external and internal doors offering a firm line of defence? Solid wooden doors fitted with high-security cylinders and mortice deadlocks are difficult to breach. Consider door chains, peepholes and door security bars to enhance and improve the security of these key areas. You can fit internal door locks to further boost security around the home and prevent access to certain areas.

Windows – Double glazing locks, window locking systems or locking handles are effective means of protecting the windows at your property. The good thing about locking window handles is they are easy to fit and simple to replace if things go wrong. You can lock them and make windows secure when they are closed. Do this at night or any time you are away from the property for any length of time. Check your windows. Are you happy with the existing security measures?

Alarm systems – Modern domestic alarm systems with built-in auto dial functions are extremely useful in the fight against crime. They give you 24 hour protection and can notify security monitoring companies the moment they are activated. Be honest, when was the last time your home alarm had a service or you checked it worked properly? We all do this, but it doesn’t make it right. Test it, consider carefully if you think it’s offering the right level of protection. Replace it with something new if it isn’t.

Other areas to consider – As well as doors, windows and domestic intruder alarms there are many areas of your home that could be made safer with the introduction of additional security measures. These include:

  • Padlocks for side gates, garages and outbuildings such as sheds
  • Safes to store valuables inside the house, these can be free standing or under floor mounted
  • CCTV systems that provide you with 24 hour monitoring and digital recording
  • Security lights fitted with PIR sensors
  • Security grilles designed for domestic use

Making your home safer by improving security measures is a smart move to make. We have a range of security products here at Mike B’s and can offer expert advice if you want to enhance security around your house.

Take a look at the many security products we have for sale and don’t hesitate to contact us for additional information, or call for a chat on 01455 891046.