Which Type of Padlock Should You Be Using?

It can be quite confusing when you’re trying to find the most secure padlock for your needs, especially with such a wide selection of both keyed and combination padlocks available. The first thing you should make sure you know when you go to buy a padlock, is whether or not the shackle has enough room to properly close into the lock. Once you’ve established this, you can start looking into the properties of different kind of locks and finding the option that’s best for you.

Closed shackle padlocks

This is often the minimum lock required by insurance companies and the shackle is enclosed on most sides in order to prevent it from being cut by bolt cutters.

Discus padlocks

This circular, disc-shaped padlock is rather similar to the closed shackle padlock, however it isn’t spring loaded. This means that the lock will not open if a potential thief tries to drill or force it in any way.

Straight shackle padlocks

The straight shackle padlock is similar to a closed shackle, but due to the straight shackle, it’s perfectly suited steel roller doors of shop fronts, storage units, warehouse doors and shipping containers.

Long shackle padlocks

Long shackle padlocks are highly convenient, but also offer the least security. This is because the extended shackle makes them particularly vulnerable to sawing and cutting.

Combination padlocks

There are plenty of arguments about whether not combination locks are less secure than keyed locks, but you can get combination locks that use single- or multi- dial combinations.

When you’re buying a padlock, you need to remember that locks with a long shackle are less secure to potential thieves. Finding a padlock with a partially enclosed shackle are more secure, because there’s led of a chance that they can be cult with bolt cutters or sawn.


Different types of keyed padlocks

Depending on your requirements, you may want to buy a pack of multiple key locks. Generally coming in two different varieties, you’ll find a solution to meet your needs.

Master key locks

With master key padlocks, you buy a pack of locks that all come with different keys. There’s also a master key in the pack that has the ability to unlock all the padlocks in the pack.

Keyed alike locks

These packs include a number of padlocks that can all be opened by the same key. Keyed alike padlocks are perfect if you’re going to be the only person unlocking them for whatever reason.


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