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Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM is a unique lock design, available to bolt onto the surface of any van rear or sliding side door, as a high performance security device and significant visual deterrent.

Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM Features and Benefits:
Unique strong designs for rear doors and sliding side doors.
All in one security with physical lock mechanism located within system body.
Non-corrosive lock body solution with no hanging parts that could damage the vehicle bodywork.
Unique angled lock body to deflect hammer blows.
Solid steel locking bolt.
Integral cylinder mechanism dust cover to prevent ingress from road grime and environmental debris.
Easy to use, key to open and push button to lock.
Suitable for all van types
Mul-T-Lock® ArmaDLockTM is offered with high performance locking mechanism, and operated by a unique double-sided key.

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