6 ways to tackle car theft

Thousands of cars are stolen each year, some are taken for a joy ride and others are boosted to order by criminals that target high powered or luxury vehicles. We want to stamp out vehicle crime at Mike B’s security and this latest blog provides handy hints that should keep your pride and joy safe and sound.

  1. Steer clear of crime hot spots: Avoid parking in areas that are known to be popular with car thieves. Leave your car in well lit, public areas and steer clear of dark side streets where there is evidence of broken glass on the road.
  2. Always lock your car: When you leave the vehicle check to see all windows are shut, the sunroof is closed and lock the doors. Never leave your car unlocked, even for a few minutes, this is an open invite to thieves.
  3. Never leave the engine running: It’s tempting to start your car and leave the engine idling over on cold winter mornings. You might nip back into the house to get a kettle of warm water for instance but opportunistic thieves will see this as a free for all and have your vehicle away in a matter of seconds.
  4. Park with wheels turned towards the kerb: When you park your car turn the front wheels to the side before you take the key out of the lock, this makes it harder to tow the vehicle away.
  5. Fit extra security: Upgrade your standard car alarm, think about having a tracker fitted; use steering wheel locks, handbrake locks and other visual deterrents to warn off thieves.
  6. Use your garage: If you have a garage at home use it, empty out the clutter and start parking your car inside overnight instead of leaving it out on the driveway.