Lost your car keys? Follow this self-help guide!

Over a quarter of drivers in the UK lose their car keys at some point which means you have a one in four chance of misplacing the keys to your motor. That’s not great news so try to keep your keys safe at all times but if you do manage to lose them, take this practical advice.

  1. Don’t panic! Where did you last see your keys? If you are at home, check out all the usual places where you might store the keys, then look in slightly more random places. Think about the places the keys could be, for example:

Were you wearing a jacket when you last drove the car? Check in the jacket pockets.

Did you bring any shopping in with you? Look in the fridge, check cupboards and go through shopping bags to see if the keys are inside.

Did you change your clothes when you got home? Go through the pockets of the clothes you took off, the keys could be lurking in there.

The main thing is not to panic, just try to think methodically about where the keys might be.

  1. No luck? Okay, have you got a spare set of keys? If so, dig them out at least you can get a spare key cut and use the original in the meantime. If you are away from the home when you lose the keys, think about ways of getting hold of the spare set. Are you near enough your home to walk, could you use public transport, would a taxi home be a viable option? If you rang a pal could they pick you up? Explore all the options available to you and try to get hold of the spare set.
  2. Still no luck? Take a look around the car, see if there are any doors open or signs of the keys anywhere. They could have dropped out of your pocket when you left the car or you might have left them in the ignition. It does happen and some people are lucky, their car is still where they left it with the keys on display.
  3. Still nothing? Get a new set cut. If you have explored all other options ring a mobile auto locksmith and get them to programme a set of keys on site. This is something we specialise in at Mike B security, we can replace lost keys, cut duplicates and programme keys and remotes saving you hassle and main dealer prices. If all else fails gives is a call, we’ll soon have you on your way!