Vehicle security for delivery drivers

Vehicle security is one of our areas of expertise at Mike B’s security, if you need an auto locksmith in a hurry we’re the team to trust. We cut new keys and provide replacements for drivers of all types of vehicles and couriers or delivery drivers are some of our frequent customers. They do a sterling job but can be the target of thieves and criminals. Fear not though if you delivery packages for a living, try these suggestions and keep your vehicle and your packages nice and safe.

Lock the vehicle: Always lock your van whenever you are away from it, even if it’s just for a few minutes. Sure, you have multiple drops to make and time is of the essence but thieves are sneaky, they’re fast as well, leave your van unlocked or the back door open, even for a minute, and they’ll help themselves to a ‘buffet’ of loot.

Upgrade vehicle locks: Make life harder for thieves that are trying to break into your van. This is your workhorse, if they steal it you have nothing to deliver parcels with. Prevent this by upgrading the locks, we’d gladly assist in this area at Mike B’s.

Fit an alarm: Does your vehicle come equipped with an alarm and an immobiliser? If not, install an industry-approved system and send out a clear warning to anyone that’s thinking of tampering with your van.

Watch the time: Be careful of the time you spend away from the vehicle, especially during the day when it’s chocked full of packages. Okay, toilet breaks are a necessity but avoid leaving the van for more for than 10 minutes at a time, an empty courier van is too tempting for thieves.

Hide sat-navs: Never leave sat-navs, tablets or mobile phones alone and on clear view when you leave the van. Smash and grab thieves will take any opportunity they can to steal your belongings, especially in areas known to be crime hot spots.

Van security as all about common sense. Keep your wits about you on the road and stay safe. Good luck!